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Management reporting gives business owners and directors monthly financial insight to make informed decisions and run more profitable businesses. It’s big company accounting for small businesses.

“Information is money, but knowledge is power” – this is the philosophy of modern business. Data is one of the most important assets to an organisation, and understanding your company data is crucial to its success.

The most dangerous thing any business owner can do is sail through every month without truly understanding the money they could have made or lost. Our management reporting goes beyond a simple profit and loss statement. We put your numbers into context, helping you to understand the needs of your customers and identify non-effective areas.

How our accountants can help you

Our management accountants can turn your business’s accounting information into a powerful tool, not only giving you a clear picture of the financial health of your business, but also helping you to harness the power in your numbers. Our team will help you to track information pertinent to your business, in the right format, at the right time.

Management information helps decision makers take control of underlying business issues and organisations achieve their goals. Above all, it gives business owners peace of mind that their company is performing to the highest level.

How it works

Management reporting comes with a full suite of cloud accounting tools free of charge, providing you with profitability, cash flow and trend analysis in an engaging and easily understandable format.

As well as the tools to help you work smarter and more efficiently, our team will work with you to create your own company KPIs and bespoke benchmarks.

We will provide you with a dashboard giving you a real-time snapshot of your business’s performance with simple charts and bespoke reports, allowing you to track monthly trends important to your business.

What you can expect

More information, allowing you to act strategically

Better understanding and more effective and informed decisions

Motivation and focus for you and your business

Avoid unwanted surprises at the end of the year

Celebrate successes as they occur

Identify what areas and activities are working within your business, and what aren’t

Let’s Work Together

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