Cloud Accounting Software  

The smarter, faster and more efficient way to manage your business finances. Track your bank balances, invoices, bills and more, so you can keep an eye on your finances.


In this digital world, business can move quickly; and you need an accounting solution that is agile and adaptable to help you manage your numbers effortlessly.

Cloud accounting gives you real-time data at your fingertips whenever and wherever you are via desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

With a multitude of options available, we can help you get up and running in the best way for your business and its individual needs.

How we can help

Elite Accounting is a Certified Partner of the leading accounting software platform, Xero. Besides being incredibly user friendly, Xero naturally comes with world class security, so you can be assured that your most sensitive information is secure. We like it so much, our business runs on Xero too.

With features to run every aspect of your business, as well as a plethora of add-ons available, Xero will allow you to build your business in a way that suits you.

How it works

Whether you've been working on paper, spreadsheets or with other accounting software; we can transfer your information to Xero software. Xero ensures that any changes to tax rates or compliance legislation are carried out automatically and your data sits in the cloud on world class encrypted servers, meaning there’s no need for back-ups.

What you can expect

A secure solution to your business accounting software

Multi-user access, making it easier for you, your team and your accountant to work together

No time intensive updates are necessary

No data heavy back-ups that require costly data storage space or files

No maintenance or system admin costs, no server failure issues or risk to your data through damage to your device

Let’s Work Together

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